Stillpoint Therapies, Helen Peacock , Hellerwork and Craniosacral Therapy in Victoria, British Columbia

The following quotes are client testimonials about how Helen's Hellerwork Structural Integration and Craniosacral Therapy have helped them:

Hellerwork shoulder blade treatmentI grew up playing a wide variety of sports and then that had come to an end due to chronic low back pain for 10 years.  I had tried numerous types of bodywork that would only bring temporary relief.  I had always felt that I was missing a piece of the puzzle to my recovery. That piece was found when I discovered Hellerwork. Since receiving treatments of Hellerwork my return to participating rather than bystanding is coming closer and closer.
Thank you Helen for re-lighting that light at the end of the tunnel that I thought had burnt out years ago.
Ralph Langelaar
Athlete/ Student

I sought out Hellerwork to help integrate my body sense with all of my other senses, my emotions and my thoughts. I was searching to reconnect to my body’s wisdom. To listen, and feel the messages that my body was telling me and understand the expectations I was placing on my body. I am more aware of how my thoughts, emotions and body interact, where I hold my feelings and the energy behind the thoughts. I have been reminded of ways to release this holding onto old patterns of moving, thinking and being in the world. Hellerwork has taught me ways to help maintain relaxation and promote awareness.
Hellerwork has helped me in my process of learning to listen and be aware of my body’s messages more clearly. Understanding what my body needs helps me to clarify where I may be overtaxing or ignoring aspects of my life. I feel more confident that I know what I am feeling in my body and what I can do about it. Thank you, Helen, for your patience, insight and strong fingers, arms and hands.
Rosemary Buck
Educator and Therapist

Hellerwork back and shoulder TreatmentI went to Hellerwork due to pain and limited function after a shoulder injury. The work Helen did restored my function and released me from feeling “half well.” I now experience much greater flexibility in my body and my life, and treatments have restored abundant energy.
Because I was so impressed with my new shoulder as well as my deepening awareness of old patterns I might wish to change, I decided to try the Hellerwork Series of progressive treatments.
Helen’s skill has contributed very significantly (hugely) to improving my personal health and well-being. Hellerwork treatments have allowed me to experience a much enhanced mind-body-spirit connection, and I recommend this treatment wholeheartedly!
Sally Garcelon

Hellerwork treatment of the hand & wristLong days on the computer were taking their toll on my health and I woke up every morning with stiff joints and aching muscles. With Hellerwork I began to feel 'more at one' with my body. The morning stiffness and soreness virtually disappeared, accompanied by a feeling of well-being and alertness.
Diana Von Ratenberg
Computer Consultant

With Hellerwork I know more where my strengths and weaknesses are. This is a journey through body, mind and spirit. Areas in my body holding old patterns and emotions are being released and explored, opening up spaces for health to flow in.
Lorraine Horn