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Hellerwork is in a class of bodywork known as Structural Integration. Originally developed by Dr. Ida Rolf, Structural Integration strives for optimal alignment, achieved by adjusting the body’s relationship with gravity. This is done through a Series of sessions progressing from the superficial to deeper structure. Hellerwork is an integrating process combining traditional structural bodywork with movement education and dialogue. As such it reflects a holistic approach to health and well-being. A primary goal is to reach a greater awareness of our bodies, becoming increasingly free of patterns that lock us into chronic tensions and stress. By learning to use our bodies more consciously and more efficiently, we can awaken a sense of joy in our bodies. Relaxation, increased energy, reduced pain etc. are all possible effects of a healthier alignment.

People from varied backgrounds benefit from Hellerwork. Computer users and bus drivers, for example, find relief from tensions accumulated in their work. Athletes, dancers and martial arts practitioners learn a new awareness, enabling them to use their bodies more effectively. People in counseling for emotional issues often find a complementary release in the “tissue memory.” Hellerwork is effective in aiding recovery from injuries and surgeries. And still others fulfill a more generalized desire for optimal health. Through increased understanding of themselves, clients become empowered to live their lives more fully and proactively.

What Happens in a Session?

Recognizing and engaging the interrelationship of body and mind, each Hellerwork session includes the three basic components:

* Deep tissue bodywork (also referred to as myofascial release)
Hands-on manipulation and release of myofascial restrictions and tensions which have accumulated in your body
(An explanation of myofascial release follows in the paragraph titled “How Does it Work?”)
* Movement education
Increasing awareness of your own patterns in activities of daily life such as walking, standing and sitting, and experiencing new patterns to assist in continuing realignment of your body
Applying these new patterns in advanced sessions to more complex activities such as a golf swing or playing a musical instrument.
* Dialogue
Helping to recognize emotional or attitudinal patterns creating tension in your body, and moving towards the discovery of new ways to deal with stress in your life
The Movement Education and Dialogue extend the work done in the bodywork into your life.

How Does It Work?
Hellerwork focuses on the matrix of connective tissue known as fascia. In a well balanced body, fascia is loose and moist, but under continual stress, overuse, or lack of movement it becomes dry, stiff and rigid. Layers glue together, creating what we recognize as "knots" in our muscles. Through hands-on manipulation, practitioners stretch and release this gluing and increase blood flow to an area, thereby restoring fluidity to the tissue. Sessions can be quite sculptural, reshaping the body to function in integrity with gravity. Often the bodywork is felt as a reminder to the tissue of a familiar state of ease, and the client is better able to incorporate that into postural patterns.

Clients Often Experience :
* Improved posture, alignment
* Greater flexibility & ease of movement
* Increased energy & vitality
* Enhanced body awareness
* Reduced tension, aches & pains
Helen : shoulder and back

Click here to learn more about the Hellerwork Series and more about this holistic approach to realignment of the entire body, and on the Area Specific Therapy heading for a description of sessions designed to address a specific current issue. The particular treatment approach is designed for each client’s specific needs.

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