Stillpoint Therapies, Helen Peacock , Hellerwork and Craniosacral Therapy in Victoria, British Columbia

The links of interest regarding Hellerwork and Craniosacral Therapy:

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Hellerwork links of Interest:  The home site for Hellerwork International, full of information on Hellerwork, and referrals to practitioners internationally.  A very informative website for the Upledger Institute, providing information, referrals and products for Craniosacral Therapy and related modalities.   Sharon Butler's website devoted to numerous types of Repetitive Strain Injuries, with an opportunity to sign up for a self healing program designed by Sharon.  The site for an umbrella organization for practitioners of various schools of Structural Integration (Hellerwork, Rolfing, Zen Therapy etc)  Helpful website provided by a professional association serving the needs of massage therapists and wholistic practitioners throughout Canada, and a resource to the Canadian public for related issues and referrals.  An introduction to the wellness centre in Sooke which Helen has been associated with.  Excellent Pilates studios in Victoria with highly trained and skilled instructors. is the Preventitive Strain Injury web site.  Lots of interesting information on preventitive maintenance.