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The Hellerwork Series is designed to be an experience that will make a great difference in many aspects of your life. Through becoming more in touch with your body, you will become more in touch with yourself. Moving through the Series carries people from their current state to an optimal state of health – truly our normal and natural condition. Each section of the Series can be done in one or more therapy sessions depending on your individual situation.

The Hellerwork Series is a progressive series of 11 sections, each building on the progress of the previous ones. Each section focuses on an area of the body, with movement lessons and psychological themes that relate to that area. Because we work gradually and gently from the outside inward, Sections 1 through 3 are known as the superficial sessions, 4 to 7 address the body core, and sessions 8 through 11 integrate the work.

Organized by each of the eleven sections of the Hellerwork Series, the Hellerwork Client Handbook describes the Hellerwork Structural Integration Program in detail. Each chapter describes the physical purpose of the section, attitudes and emotions frequently associated with the body area being worked on, anatomical focus and structural goals, movement lessons and activities which you can engage in between sessions to enrich personal development as related to the series.

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leg workThe Area Specific Therapy page describes how Hellerwork can be utilized to work with specific areas of concern or injury recovery. The Series and Area Specific Therapy can be combined in a customized approach to suit the specific needs of each individual client.